Air Drying Motor Winding Varnishes

Air Drying Motor Winding Varnishes

Air Drying Motor Winding Varnishes

Air-drying motor winding varnish products have varying degrees of heat and density depending on the usage areas. In addition, as Orhun Kimya, we produce special air-drying winding varnishes for our customers according to their disassembly types.

Orhun Kimya air drying varnishes are isolation varnishes specially developed based on synthetic resins. Air-drying engine varnishes are cured at ambient temperature upon application, without the need for any external heat energy application. Our air-drying wrap varnishes are cost-effective and durable. It is also user-friendly as the winders do not need to have expensive heating equipment. Orhun Kimya air-drying varnishes are suitable for use in wide temperature classes.

Air Dry Motor Winding Varnishes Features

  • It has fast drying feature.
  • Exhibits maximum adhesion to the surface.
  • Resistant to humidity, high temperature, acids, alkalis.
  • Provides glossy surface protection.
  • It has the ability to penetrate deep.
  • It has durable insulation and stable hardness.
  • Provides excellent electrical insulation.

Diversity with Experience

Orhun Kimya, which has been operating in the electrical insulation sector since 1989, has offered many different motor winding varnishes to the sector with its experience. Thanks to this diversity, it has created a separate varnish series for each engine type. All products starting with OR 1xx are listed as air dry.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Varnish?

Things to Consider When Choosing Air Dry Varnish:

  • At what temperature does the Electric Motor You Think of Varnishing Work at?
  • After determining the operating temperature, select the insulation class from the table below
  • After the insulation class is determined, you can contact the manufacturer and supply the product you want according to your application method.

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