Polyester Resin

Polyester Resin

Polyester Resin

Polyester resin systems have been among common industrial applications for decades. In the electrical and electronics industry, polyester resins are well known for their excellent mechanical and electrical properties, thermal durability, chemical resistance and easy processability.

Challenges in the development of engines and generators for industrial and automotive applications are size reduction, higher integration density, greater power output, higher reliability and durability, resistance in harsh environments and noise reduction. To eliminate these problems, polyester resin products are one of the most effective solutions.

Polyester resins are preferred in many different industries, not only in electric motor insulation. button type, casting type polyester resin is the best example of this. Acrylic type polyester resin, putty and coating resins have many different uses.

Orhun Kimya produces the most effective and useful products by considering the needs of its customers in polyester resin production. Our company, which increases its brand reputation every day in the field of polyester resin sales at home and abroad, is on its way to becoming the number one producer in polyester resin production.

You can contact our company for your polyester resin needs, product types, pricing and all your questions.


düğme tipi polyester reçine

Button Type Polyester Resins

smc bmc tipi polyester reçineler

SMC/BMC Type Polyester Resins

döküm tipi polyester reçineler

Casting Type Polyester Resins

ctp elyaf tipi polyester reçineler

CTP Fiber Type Polyester Resins

rtm soğuk pres polyester reçine

RTM Cold Press Polyester Resins

akrilik tipi polyester reçineler

Acrylic Type Polyester Resins

macun ve kaplama reçineleri

Pastes and Coating Resins