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Spray Products

Insulation Spray

Orhun Kimya spray products, which are used as coil insulation spray, transformer insulation spray, motor insulation spray, are specially produced for winding masters. Orhun insulation spray is used for F class insulation and aesthetic appearance after the winding process of electric motors. Our insulation spray products are produced in every tone and color with RAL code upon the requests of our customers.

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial spray chemicals.

Our engine insulation spray products provide a tough industrial-strength oil and waterproof coating to insulate electrical equipment and components. Coil sealant spray penetrates, coats, insulates and seals in one step. Our motor and transformer insulation spray products are thermally classified class F air drying varnish with exceptional adhesion to a variety of surfaces.

Insulation Spray Usage Areas

  • Electric Motors
  • Transformers
  • Coils
  • Worn Insulation

Electrical Insulation Spray Benefits

  • Penetrates, envelops, seals and seals “in place” in one step.
  • Dries quickly and saves processing time.
  • Provides a fast air drying, flexible, hard top coat with excellent adhesion to metal wraps and coils.
  • Restores insulation resistance values, preventing premature failures, increasing equipment performance, life and reliability.