Air Drying Transformer Insulation Varnishes

Air Drying Transformer Insulation Varnishes

Air Drying Transformer Insulation Varnishes

Reliable and useful air drying transformer insulation varnish designed for the electricity industry has been specially developed by Orhun Kimya. Air-drying insulation varnish resistant to high voltages provides a solid, impermeable, strong insulation in harsh environments. In transformer insulation, it dries quickly as a thin film to provide a very effective closure of electrical leakage paths, together with its noise reduction properties.

Air Drying Transformer Insulation Varnish Properties

Applying air-drying insulation varnish to transformer windings helps it work more efficiently. Because air drying transformer varnish not only improves its functional capabilities, but also reduces wear and tear damage while maintaining electrical, thermal and mechanical properties.

Advantages of Air Drying Transformer Insulation Varnish

Insulating varnish is not only applied to transformer windings, but in certain cases, usually low voltage or low power transformers. Air-drying transformer insulation varnish applied to the entire winding acts as a protective barrier against moisture and therefore reduces the moisture absorption of the winding. This also makes it more resistant to dust and other unwanted foreign particles.

Air drying transformer insulation varnish, as the name suggests, is a type of varnish that dries with air and does not need to be exposed to any heat treatment.

Air-dry transformer insulation varnish has a structure that is resistant to physical/mechanical damage and deformation. This increases durability in transformer systems. Air-drying insulating varnish also helps prevent wear and tear damage from transformer coils rubbing together.