The Most Suitable Flooring Model for Workplaces: Epoxy Flooring

The Most Suitable Flooring Model for Workplaces: Epoxy Flooring

The Most Suitable Flooring Model for Workplaces: Epoxy Flooring

Commercial businesses must have industrial primer coatings that will enable them to withstand the pressure and stress of everyday use. Often industrial floors must be able to support heavy machinery, chemical compounds and foot traffic that many other commercial floors do not. To meet industrial wear and tear needs, many businesses are turning to epoxy floor coatings for their unmatched durability, flexibility and cleanability.

1. Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings Protect

Untreated concrete can be easily damaged and stained by chemicals and abrasive materials. Additionally, the porous nature of concrete absorbs debris such as oil, grease or chemicals that can age your concrete and make it less stable in the long run. Industrial epoxy primer coats strengthen concrete and provide a protective layer that protects it from stains and scratches from heavy equipment.

2. Strong Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

The unique chemical nature of an industrial epoxy system gives your substrate the added strength to withstand the weight, chemical exposure or abrasions that come with owning an industrial site. Thick chemical compounds work together to create a smooth surface that can support thousands of pounds of pressure every day for decades.

3. Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Easy To Clean

Industrial primer paints are not only easy to apply and last for years, they are one of the easiest floor coverings to clean. They are naturally liquid resistant and are perfect for helping you avoid dangerous spills that can lead to accidents. Epoxy flooring is also a smart business decision that saves you money in the long run as it can be cleaned with very little labor and cleaning materials.

4. Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Beautiful and Inexpensive

Epoxy floor coatings are naturally beautiful and provide a glossy, smooth floor that will last for years. At Prime Coat, we give you full control over the color and style of your epoxy floor coating. From quartz accent finishes to rainbow color options, you can make your workplace safe and durable as well as beautifying.

To help you understand whether an industrial epoxy floor coating would work for your business, ask yourself if any of these statements apply to you. As, we will be very happy to serve you with our professional service philosophy.

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