Why Epoxy is the Leading Flooring Option

Why Epoxy is the Leading Flooring Option

Why Epoxy is the Leading Flooring Option

The Most Preferred Floor Coating Model Epoxy

Primarily used as a concrete floor coating, epoxy offers a durable, high-gloss and durable surface as well as durability for various industries such as food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and storage warehouses. From initial installation to long-term maintenance, an epoxy coating has the following advantages:

Chemical Corrosion Resistant

Epoxy flooring is not only durable enough to handle heavy traffic in an industrial environment, it can also withstand strong chemicals. Facilities exposed to heavy chemicals may choose a solution of NaOH and HNO3, a highly chemical resistant floor covering. The coating is resistant to hard water, moisture and cutting oil and offers high resistance to solvents, acids and alkalis.

Provides More Resistant Security

Epoxy flooring is a safe option for employees as it is resistant to heat, fire, impact and slipping. Glossy floors increase the brightness in the working environment by more than 300%. Improves visibility inside garages or industrial environments as it reflects light from the floor. It also prevents the growth of bacteria in the concrete and resists injuries caused by impact or abrasion. You can choose a non-slip texture according to your needs.

Provides Lower Curing Time

When you want to reduce production downtime when installing a new floor, an epoxy layer is a faster option than others. It hardens within hours, although not as fast as concrete polish. This layer is a self-leveling product for experienced professionals to apply quickly for concrete surfacing. It is also possible to apply epoxy coating even during rain or high humidity.

Provides Diversity

You can decorate floors with an epoxy coating for a flawless and elegant shine. Choosing traditional or customized patterns and designs can enhance the ambiance of your home, office or garage. Because the product is available in multiple colors, businesses can use it to identify safety zones, work zones, and forklift zones in their industrial environment. The density of traffic will determine the epoxy thickness for your application.

Provides Longevity

Concrete resurfacing is not possible very often in most industries. Epoxy flooring has a useful life of decades without any peeling or cracking with proper application. Plus its longevity makes it an excellent solution for industrial and commercial use. Low shrinkage is another feature of epoxy floors. Minimal maintenance and maintenance costs make it a reliable solution. Epoxy flooring is inexpensive to apply and is cost effective in the long run.

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